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I am jumping on the bandwagon of tassel home decors. After seeing upon thousands (exaggerating) of instagrammers and bloggers alike decorating their houses with whimsical tassel garlands, I am utterly convinced in putting one or two in my home too! Who couldn't resist such a pretty tassel on their wall? And no need to justify myself, I am getting one or DIY for myself if necessary! Today, I gathered a few inspirational pictures to help guide you in the decorating process. 

Plus below, you will see one of my projects in my place, bookcase painted in minty green. I'm transforming many furniture in like colors for our living room so allow me to show you a finished one. More will be painted and decorated in the future so it's safe to say that you have to follow me in Instagram for a quick posting! :) 
Photo from HGTV

Photo from HGTV
Photo from Blowout Party
Photo from The Flair Exchange


A little bit of history:
This bookcase came in an icky white color and a weird backbone wood with many holes. Me and my hubby removed the back so that the white wall will just serve as a background color. I like to keep it bright and minimalist in that way. I did 3-4 coats using Glidden Minty Green purchased from Wal-Mart ($25 per gallon). The brush strokes gave it more character and I personally like it that way. In the future, I will nail the back but for now, I'm still trying to decide whether to paint it or to glue an eclectic wallpaper print on it. 



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