Birthday Week Nails | Glitter Tip & Gold Dot Minimal Nail Design | Julep, Orly and Sation Brand

This week marks my birthday week so in honor, I wanted to do something simple with my nails - to still look fabulous even when doing chores! Honestly, I really can't deal with chores if my nails are long or elaborately designed so if it is minimal like these type, then I am more satisfied. Plus, I am really in the minimal phase right now with my life. Gone are the days where I like flashy colors but the 90's kid inside of me craves that once in a while. 

Most of you know that I am bipolar when it comes to nails so I am going to break down the brands I used. For my left hand I used Sation Love at  First Byte, the nude pink is amazing! Surprisingly opaque too and just gorgeous. I decided to do a gold glitter tip using Julep Oscar  for a finished minimal glam look. For my right hand, I used Orly Ole for the striking coral reminds me of summer then Julep Oscar for the gold dot since I don't have nail rhinestones right now. A couple of dabs of circle works its magic! Top coat used is Orly Sec  'N Dry.  

Have a fabulous summer week everyone! :) 



- Gift Princess


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