Skirt Up For Spring!

It's not a secret that I love skirts and that I was raised up to wear skirts. No shame here, I love being girly and skirts are just the way to prove it. Skirts are a versatile piece to add to a top. Its a finishing touch to an outfit. Statement skirts can take all the attention or it could be a complimentary color to a top. Whatever you use them for, skirts are a great way to be girly and modest.

If you are wearing a printed one, pair it with a plain top or a printed top for a modern flair. Just make sure that the prints compliment each other - that is, the top could be busy and the skirt should have big prints and vice versa. How do I know this? By years of research and looking at fashion books. Although I don't do it all the time, it's a very good rule I have seen from stylists as well. 

In this collage, I gathered some cute floral patterns with the help of

Lace skirt with florals are lovely for this spring season especially if they have a pastel color. This one is from Forever21 and I love it!

And this following pink midi skirt is a famouse choice from Choies because its full and its midi. I've seen fashion bloggers wear this and there's a thousand possibilities to do it. I know, I'm dying to get my hands on this one too! :)

So what are your favorites? I've shared mine, share yours too! :)



- Gift Princess


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