Hubby Takes-over: Steinmart Review | Our Santa Monica Beach OOTDs

What he's wearing: Mad Hatter Company fedora, Sean John sunglasses, Margaritaville shirt, Izod pants, Rite Aid belt and Panama Jack slippers.

What I'm wearing: Betsey Johnson hat, BCBGMAXAZRIA sunglasses, ANA dress (JC Penney) same here, Promesa cardigan (same like the shirt here) and Ross beach bag.

A Man's Perspective

by Andrew Alan Buhman

          As the great prophet James Bard once said, "This is a Man's World, but what is man without a woman?" This is how I feel particularly in the outfits I wore on this outing. Gift found a style for me that looks amazing. We bought my outfit at Stein Mart, and let me just say that I have found a store where I actually enjoy shopping. That's right, it is possible for a man to enjoy shopping. Stein Mart reminds me of what JC Penney was like in the 1990s, when I was growing up. You come into that store, and you can actually find things that you want without feeling like you are in a giant garage sale. The atmosphere is great, and you can find clothing in your size. They also have home decorations and many other distractions, which means if I spend more than twenty minutes there, I'll probably want to buy half the store.

     Despite this, my outfit was very affordable. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Hawaiian shirts about there, and while I don't endorse drinking, I found a shirt where the theme of alcohol was not overtly stated. I can't buy some of his shirts because there is often a theme of drinking, but with some diligent search, a good match can be found. I paired my Hawaiian shirt with a pair of white Izod kakhis. The sunglasses were also Gift's idea. She got them for me at You can get remarkable deals here, getting high-end clothes, electronics, etc. for marked-down prices. There's new deals there every day.

          I actually didn't buy the fedora at Stein Mart, but they have fedoras just like that one there. I bought my Mad Hatter fedora from a vendor at Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga. For a couple dollars less, you can also find fedoras almost as nice at Target. This Fedora features a black hat band that matches my belt, which I picked up at a Rite Aid. The Panama Jack sandals also go great with the outfit, matching with blue and white. I love them especially because they have a palm tree print. This is the perfect outfit for a day of relaxing at the beach. Or, if your man can't make it to the beach, he can wear this outfit and almost hear the waves along the shore!



- Gift Princess

FTC: Everything was bought with our own money. Some of the links above are affiliate links.


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