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If you are on the lookout for fashion pieces without breaking the bank and if you are in love with Asian fashion (like me) then TBDress.com is the site you have to visit. Emphasize on "have". Everything I see there actually is a must-have. The first time I visited the site, I fell in love because the models are Asian but the styling is greatly influenced by the West. So many stylish pieces for different occasions. Anyone will be tempted and delighted to see all what they have to offer. They have a variety of dresses - from wedding gowns to cocktail dresses and casual clothing to have and behold. Their fancy wedding gowns are super lovely! So many styles for different women & you can customize the sizing of the dresses. But really? You can't pass the opportunity to save up on a wedding dress. You can get the designer inspired gowns for just a fraction of a price. No shopping guilt really. :)

My most favorite are the ones that looks shabby, chic and vintage. You will see the picture of dresses I picked below. And aside from dresses, they have accessories to accentuate the whole look. They have bags, jewelries, intimate apparels and more - just about anything you need when it comes to fashion or completing your wedding gown. On the other hand, for the bags, I like the structured totes because I believe that they look high end, polished and elegant. So even if you are just wearing t-shirt and jeans,when you add a structured tote, it simply dresses up your outfit. The nice thing is they are affordable compared to department store brands and even though I haven't actually ordered from them yet, they look high quality. One thing I do to make sure about clothing on any website is to research customer's reviews. So far, everyone was satisfied with their order and a lot of them commented buying again and recommending it to their friends. That alone tells me about the credibility of the site, thanks to the customers who patronizes the fashion site.

I picked out some of my favorite styles (with links so you can check the price). I put creative names on the ensemble the way I see it. So hopefully this will give you an idea of what to wear, where to wear and how to wear it. It's not rocket science, you just have to be creative and artistic! 

Retro Romanticism
The dress above depicts a romantic Victorian look with its skater effect skirt on the bottom. I love the placement of the chiffon with the skirt. The black lining indeed made it more crisp and sharp without overdoing it and still being girly. 

Sweet Pea,
This dress defines "girly" or "True Lady" to the highest level. I can imagine Duchess Kate wearing this to a tea party or something. The full skirt made it even more feminine thanks to the love print it has.

Spring Block, 
This dress is perfect for spring and summer with its boho feel, maxi length and the flowy chiffon. It almost looks see through but still modest. Just imagine yourself wearing this along the beach while wind softly carress your skirt. Isn't that amazing? :)

Nautical Girl, 
This navy dress defines walking in sea towns and enjoying the view of water - summer perfect but with a lovely flair of romanticism. It almost looks like the first dress but this has an accent of buttons on the sleeves. The contrast of white against blue is one of my favorite combo. Pair this with flat oxfords or doll shoes and you are done! :) 

Bloom In Blue, 
This peplum blue dressy top is a great wear for outdoor parties under the sun (as I imagine it). The print is lovely and even though it looks like a lot is going on, that's what makes it pretty because it gives a soft appearance. It's pastel blue and like I always say, you can't go wrong with pastels. 

Floral Affair, 
This floral chiffon blouse welcomes spring in your wardrobe without overdressing too much. Pair it with denim bottoms for a casual look or pair it with pastel maxi skirt then use a belt to cinch your waist. 

Collared Flower,
This flowery top with a baby collar is versatile with any bottom you pair it with. For me, I'm loving the print! It looks like an impressionistic painting of flowers. So always think when you are wearing this that you are wearing a piece of art. Expect a lot of eye trail. :)

Lace Daze, 
This lacy top with a rabbit drawing is for the kid in us. This reminds me of Alice in Wonderland! And yes, I love Alice in Wonderland. So for those bookworms, you might want to get this just because I referenced Alice in Wonderland. And also because the lace is for the girly girl inside of us. Honestly, I have a weakness for lace that's why I'm always attracted to pieces like this. :)

Sunshine Lace,
This bright yellow top is for the girl who always shine brightly wherever she goes. Bring sunshine in your outfit because you are born to glow and make everybody happy. Honestly, the first time I laid eye on this top, it makes my heart warm and think of getting lost in a sunflower field or laying in the grass looking at the shapes of the cloud. Again, its a comfy and carefree top so wear it however you want it. :)

Yellow Cross Body Bag, 
This yummy yellow bag will add a vivid color to any dull outfit. A cute little bag to hold essentials and light enough to carry. This actually reminded me of my sister, she loves yellow & that's because she's a happy person (more like clown). So share your happiness who will see this bag! :)

Politely In Pink,
This bold pink bag looks so sleek and polished. The crisp and curvy lines makes it modern and minimalist but still in the feminine zone. I like the chain strap which is always a classic for a bag. This is also an eye candy without being to loud but enough to make a statement! :)

Pretty Pink Tote, 
This decent sized tote is so pretty and girly and perfect for spring! You can either wear it as a cross body bag or as a tote for your arm  to carry. I honestly love the structured angle of this. It has a high end flair and modern look. :)

Polished Pink Tote, 
This glossy and decent sized tote is for girls who likes muted colors. It's not bright nor loud but just right for the classy girl in us. What makes it more cuter is the texture and the glossy shine it gives off. Perfect for travelling in style if you ask me! :)

Quirky Flamingo, 
This unique flamingo purse is for the quirky girls and for the carefree fashion you love! Make a statement and don't be surprised if people ask you where you get it! I personally like this and this probably will be my favorite among the bags I've shown just because I am a quirky girl! There's no right and wrong just as long as you make this the eye candy in your attire, it will add a distinctive knack. :) 

Color Block Tote, 
The bag that can match with any outfit and for a pop of color. It might seem that there's too many colors going on but I think this is a final say in any ensemble as long as you're outfit is not loud too. But who cares, wear whatever you want with this bag - that's your personality as long as its modest. :)

Classic Nude Tote, 
This heart quilted tote is for the classy and fabulous girl! I will therefore state that this bag is cute to the highest level. I didn't notice the heart quilts at first and now I'm thankful I saw it because I will add it now to my favorites list. It is my first time to see quilted heart instead of the usual square quilts I see. The bow accent reminds me of Kate Spade bags and the nude color reminds me of my best friend. :)



- Gift Princess

FTC: I was compensated but the opinions are solely my own. :) :) :)


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