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Ahhh spring, please come soon! We are ever waiting for your appearance. It's been a hard winter and we are excited to wear more lighter colors! Me, definitely is excited. Speaking of which, I wanted to show you my lovely readers and new viewers some of the things I collected from hours of internet handling (which is normal). I am always on a lookout for affordable and trendy pieces so all this looks will come from, none other than, Moddeals.com. My favorite go-to place to hoard, haul and just to shop 'til I drop or in my case until my husband tells me to stop. :)

If you like dresses, try on a sleeveless dress with a skater skirt style on the bottom! It looks effortlessly chic and flowy.

For a covering, I would highly suggest this purplish/lilac chiffon cardigan! The impressionistic flowers makes it even more lovely.

If you are a long sleeve person like me, then you would like this top with lace trim at the end of the sleeve. It romantic, dreamy and vintage the way I see it! I think the mint looks so cute too (see below).

This meshed long sleeve in color peach is a perfect top for spring too! When you don't have any idea what to wear, pair this with any statement necklace and it will instantly dress it up!

How lovely are these printed dresses. I picked 3 of my favorites. The coral floral dress (see top picture), free bird dress (see below) and the geometric blue dress (next to it). Imagine yourself wearing this while strolling at the beach, high street boutiques, just about anywhere.

It was also stated that navy will be a big trend for spring, so this dress is perfect for it!

Here is a fun spring skirt. I like the fact that its midi and its still stylish and modest at the same time!

If it is still cold in your area, here are some of my suggested cute sweaters that fall in the spring color family. 

Pair it with more floral painting inspired bag! These totes are cute - I'm really liking the painting like appearance.

What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments below. :)
Go check out Moddeals for more - trust me, you will like them.



- Gift Princess


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