Wellness Products I Want To Try: Baby Foot, Shea Terra and Lotus Wei

One of my favorite beauty sites, Beauty Sage has awesome products. And while I haven't ordered in their company yet (still browsing), I thought you my readers would like to check them out as well via this post. They carry products that are safe, proven and effective so you will know that your money is worth the purchase. I rounded up 3 wellness products that I want to try in the future so let me know in the comments if you want to try them out as well! :)

1. Baby Foot Exfoliate peel - I've wanted to get this for a long time for my husband because he has really bad calloused feet that always makes me scream in disgust. I read the reviews and it sounds wonderful. The research also send positive vibes regarding this product so in the future I will write a review about our experience with this product. This retails for $25.

What: A foot exfoliate product that will naturally peel the dead skin cells off your feet, leaving your feet as soft as a baby’s foot.

Who: Anyone that has dry, cracked, rough, smelly feet problems.

Why it works: Did you know that some of us can have up to 80 layers of accumulated dead skin on our feet?! And regular pedicures, filing and use of a pumice stone or razor does not mean you’ll be able to remove these dead skin layers. Baby Foot’s gel-filled booties contain 17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the Desmosomes (adhesive fibers) that are between those layers—allowing the peeling process to begin gently and naturally.

How to use it:
-Each box contains one time use only gel packs. 
-Remove toenail polish, and wash feet thoroughly to remove lotions and oils. 
-Place foot in pack, secure with tape and place socks over gel packs.
-After an hour, rinse the gel solution off of your feet.
-After your treatment, your feet will feel highly moisturized.
-Starting around 3 to 5 days after your treatment, your dead skin will begin to peel away from your feet.
We suggest for you to use this product about every 2 months. Individuals with excessive amounts of dead skin on their feet might require a follow up treatment of Baby Foot within 1-2 weeks after their first treatment.

Do not use this product:
- If you are a diabetic.
- If you are pregnant.
- If you are allergic to any ingredients in this product.
- If you have open sores on your feet, or other foot damage.
- If you are using any other foot products.

2. Shea Terra African Blue Calming Bath Drops - I love oils and anything that basically calms my nerves. The reviews are good and I can't wait to try this! Plus it leaves skin soft and supple. A must-have girly goodness.

What: Calming, skin-softening bath beads.

Who: All skin types. Not recommended for pregnant women.

Why it works: South Africa's rare Cape chamomile essential oil is revered by locals for its stress-relieving powers. High in chamulazene, an anti-inflammatory that calms and softens skin, this blue oil is blended with other calming oils, lemon verbena, blue tansy and Cape lavender to help alleviate tension while moisturizing with shea butter oil.

How to use it:
-Drop 1-2 drops into hot bath.
-Soak in bath.
-Lightly tap skin with towel upon getting out.
-Do not use this product if you are pregnant.

Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.  
The Claim: Reinforces Lipid Barrier 

Ingredient: Shea Butter - This emollient extract from the African shea nut contains fat compounds that stimulate cell regeneration and collagen synthesis. That means smoother, softer skin from the inside out! Read study.  


The Claim: Relaxes/Calms/Soothes  

Ingredient: Cape Chamomile Essential Oil - This oil, known primarily for its aromatherapeutic benefits, also speeds up the skin's natural healing process when applied topically. Read study. 

Ingredient: Blue Tansy Essential Oil (Moroccan Chamomile Oil) - A popular tea from the daisy family, chamomile is also bursting with antioxidants--terpenoids and flavonoids--that neutralize free radicals. Plus, chamazulene, the active compound in chamomile, is a proven anti-inflammatory agent that also speeds wound healing. Read study. 

Ingredient: Lavender Distillates - The soothing scent of lavender reduces stress (read study), and has been shown clinically to decrease stress hormone levels and activate the pleasure centers of the brain (read study). Bonus: The scent has also been shown to help reduce headaches - an all too familiar after effect of hangovers. Read study.

The Claim: Combats Free Radical Damage 

Ingredient: Lemon Verbena Essential Oil - This zesty-smelling oil reduces oxidative damage caused by nasty free radicals - which means the collagen and elastin (your skin's support structure) are better protected. Read study.

3. Lotus Wei Pure Energy Mist - So I'm pretty busy and this is a must have for y'all stressed girls out there. You can use this multiple times a day to energize. It has peppermint that I love that will truly wake up our nerves. This is a good product to stash at work.

What: An energetic aromatic mist that enhances vitality, pep and immunity with an infusion of bio-energetic flowers.

Who: Anyone who wants to strengthen their system, reduce computer and travel fatigue and protect themselves from taking on other people’s stress.

Why it works: This invigorating mist calls on the bio-energetics of flowers and gems to amp you up physically and mentally. It features pomegranate for energy, jade flower for vitality, red clover for compassion, yarrow for revitalization after computer use and travel pink lotus for wisdom and black tourmaline for protection other people’s bad energies. The uplifting fragrance of grapefruit, coffee, black pepper and cinnamon will boost energy levels, too.

How to use it:
-Mist above and around your face and shoulders, at least five times during the day.

Proven! Our team of chemistry whizzes has analyzed this product’s label claims, and the ingredients that deliver them. Here’s the science behind why it works.

The Claim: Energizes/Stimulates
Ingredient: Grapefruit Oil - The sharp smell of grapefruit gets your blood pumping (read study) and stimulates adrenaline secretion (read study), awakening your body and energizing you for the day ahead. 

Ingredient: Peppermint Oil - The aroma of peppermint is the perfect pick-me-up, as scientists have found that it decreases sleepiness and increases energy (read study). The bright scent of peppermint oil not only increases alertness, it enhances memory. Read study.

Ingredient: Black Pepper Oil - Inhaling this spicy oil extracted from unripe peppercorn fruits has been shown to increase the release of adrenaline -  which can stimulate your flight-or-flight response. Read study. 

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