NOTD: Owl By Myself (Sally Hansen Ooh La La Ombre set and Acrylic Paints)

It's December already but I decided to do a woodland nail art on myself just to make up for the weeks that I didn't do much to my nails. I just did some solid nail colors but I didn't take pictures because I'd rather blog about nail arts nowadays to show my new nail polishes and nail art ideas. I only do nail arts because I find it relaxing and calming, more on "me" time after everyday chores are done. It might be labor intensive at first and time-consuming but trust me, after a few weeks, it will get easier and lighter to do.

See the owl? Isn't he cute! It is indeed my first time to draw owls on my nails so to make it easier, I used acrylic paint because it's way easier than nail polish and more defined in color. It's totally fine to use acrylic paint because once you put on the top coat, everything will be sealed and its easy to erase and work with acrylic paint when you make mistakes - just wipe it with water. 

I used Sally Hansen Coin Flip as background color for my left hand then added Spark In the Dark close to the tips for added glitter! You can never go wrong with glitter.

On my right hand, I painted the tree where the owl lives. Haha, yeah I am quirky like that! I made it simple by just using the ring finger for designs. I used Sally Hansen Golden-I for the beautiful gold background here on my right hand.

Acrylic paint used for owl: Craftsmart Espresso, Craftsmart Hot Pink, Craftsmart White and Craftsmart Black
Acrylic paint used for tree: Craftsmart Espresso, Craftsmart Black, Craftsmart Spearmint and Craftsmart Bright Red

- Gift Princess


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