Newport Beach Cruise

Hey everyone! How's your Christmas/Hannukah so far? Last week was hectic and it was a good reward by Saturday to go holiday cruising at Balboa Pier here in Newport Beach. It was a whole day of errands for me, we went from Beaumont (where my grandpa is) to West Covina (to serenade lovely nursing home peoples) then to Newport Beach (for the night cruise). It was amazing how we had all the energy to go back and forth here in CA amidst all the traffic in the freeway but again I'm telling you, it was so much fun!

I was wearing 2 layers of clothing half the day and boy it was hot in the daytime. I figured I might as well wear 2 layers because we won't have time to change and it gets cold in the beach. So I was happier when evening came and I brought my faux fur vest to wear for added warmth. 

Surprisingly, the temperature in Balboa Pier was manageable and I actually liked the breeze and smell of the ocean. We first took pictures at the port and in Peninsula Park and went to eat at a seaside cafe. Then we immediately made a beeline for Balboa Pier so we won't miss our cruise boat. It was so fun to see houses filled with Christmas lights and we kept on figuring out which house was Kobe Bryant's. Drinks were also served in the cruise boat and it lasted for like an hour and a half touring the Balboa Island. We plan on going back for whale watching next time. 

Joseph A. turtleneck sweater | Hiatus skirt | Cozy fur vest | Lulus bauble necklace

*I forgot the brand of the tights and the boots were given from a friend. :)

And here are some quick photoshoot with my fashionista Aunt (check out her Lookbook).

And with hubby... :)



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