{Nail Art} Christmas Sweater and Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Merry Christmas everyone! It's Christmas so why not celebrate fun nail arts! Once a year, be festive all the way even in your nails because Y.O.L.O. Yes, we only live once so let's get all the nail artsy fancy done. 

I've been itching to do Christmas sweater design and it's a first for me so I eneded up doing a  lot of dots instead of lines. Oooops, maybe next time will be better. And of course Rudolph the red nose reindeer! They are easy to do and since I've been practicing on making kawaii clay charms, the reindeer was easy to paint on. However for the Christmas sweater, I do really need a thin nail art brush. Because in this case I just used my normal paint brush. 

Scroll for more pictures and nail polishes and acrylic paints used. And I wanted to say the Jessie's Girl nail polish I used was vibrant and the formula was great. I fell in love with their line and it is so affordable too. The top coat I used is Sally Hansen hardening top coat I picked up at Target. If I can do it, you can do it too! Have fun! :)

Jessie's Girl Wham Bam (red background)
Craftsmart White (white designs)

Sally Hansen White On (White background)
Craftsmart Golden Brown (reindeer's head)
Craftsmart Espresso (reindeer's antlers)
Craftsmart Black (eyes)
Craftsmart White (sparkle in eyes)



- Gift Princess


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