Festive Textures

(Finally got around to blogging again!)

After all the fabulous craziness of Christmas season, I get to sharing with you some of the outfits I have worn to celebrate the holidays. On this post, I played with a lot of textures and prints just because I can get away with it! It's Christmas, lots of things going on and of course, you can't forget sparkles! :)

The prints/textures I wore are the following:
1. Sequin blazer
2. Bejeweled top (although it was covered by the blazer)
3. Lace skirt
4. Crisscross pattern on tights
5. Almost crocodile skinned shoes
6. Laser cut clutch

So you see, the pieces I wore have its individual personality. I just thought why not go all out in one day - one season of the year we can be festive. It might seem a little bit weird to wear a lot of textures but it worked out fine and people complimented me on my outfit! As long as you mix it each other that it complements each other very well then go for it. Another trick is to mix condensed patterns with prints that are larger and loose. I always see those in fashion magazines and with other stylebloggers as well. 

Be creative, be fun and enjoy the holidays!

XOXO blazer | Rebel Sky top | Kensie lace skirt | Bandolino red pumps | Charlotte Russe necklace | Ashley Fox clutch 

Happy holidays everyone! Mwah!



- Gift Princess


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