MAC Teal

Hey there pretty gals! So I'm in a teal phase nowadays and since I have a MAC Teal pigment lying around, it's been my go to eyeshadow makeup. With the blues all trending this Fall 2013, it is a perfect way to incorporate teal into our outfits. 

I had no problem blending this in my lid for it is silky and it has subtle sheen to it. It pops out because it is a pigment so if you are aiming for softer look, just pat a few and blend accordingly to your heart's desire. I used brown tones (Lancome Quad) to match with it and to deepen my crease. As you all can see, I have a rather small Asian lid to work with. 

I then added a thin black liner and I forgot my mascara again! I always forget my mascara and I don't know why. Maybe I need a reminder in the mirror next time. So anyway, it's very easy to work with, don't have to fuss with my eye makeup and absolutely love the blue finish of it. 

What is your favorite teal eyeshadow? What brand? Tell me in the comments below!

- Gift Princess


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