Kawaii Clay (Chocolate Pie, Cake, Tiger and Monokuro and Boo!)

Let the clayfest begin!

I had so much fun making a chocolate pie out of my imagination! And of course, add a face to make it ultra "kawaii". My hubby wanted to eat it after he saw the finished product though. :)

Okay, this one is a fail and this was my first cake, strawberries and I don't have the right knife to cut into. I just have the plastic one (which totally didn't work because it's thick). But after some research, I learned how to cut a cake piece perfectly.

1. Put the finished polymer clay cake into the fridge for 10 minutes or freezer for 5 minutes before cutting into it.
2. You can also put your clay collection in the fridge before using them.
3. Use an X-acto knife or a clay cutter that's made of thin metal so the clay won't blend with each other when you cut (which happened with my thick plastic knife).

Those are the techniques I discovered and hope that will help you in your polymer clay adventure!

I made a kawaii tiger using acupofcaketv's video. Then my cousin put his Obi-Wan Kenobi angry bird beside it for the picture. I love this tiger and next time, I'll make him more cuter and smaller. 

And I made Monokuro and Boo! It was so easy. The only problem I had is with the white clay because it picks up more dirt. I then learned and researched that using alcohol or acetone will help solve that problem. I will definitely do that in my future polymer crafts. And a little info, Monokuro and Boo are one of my favorite characters growing up!

- Gift Princess


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