Gem Trove

It's hubby's birthday and it's on a Sunday so we get to be formal in celebrating and I also received lots of outfits from generous people last week so I had fun mixing my attire today. Finally, I could wear my Jewelmint necklace, Gem Trove, hence I used it to name my outfit for today.

In order to incorporate the Gem Trove idea in my outfit, I decided to wear my shoe with gold studs but still aiming for that minimalist black look. Black dress makes everything slimmer so I was happy to look slim for a day, LOL! 

Forever 21 dress
Jewelmint necklace
Anne Klein t-strap sandal

And here are bonus pics of my hubby's bday cakes and us, goofing around. :) My Aunt and Uncle bought the cake from 85 degrees bakery and they have delightful-not-too-sweet cakes that we enjoy eating. And it was hubby's favorite too: Tiramisu! :)

And the celebration continues to Fuddruckers. :)

To God be the glory!

- Gift Princess


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