Polymer Clay Charms #1 (Small Chibi girl, bears and nail polish)

Belle With A Twist chibi girl

After I made chibis, I decided to make charms just like what I saw from hundreds of polymer clay crafters on Youtube. I made a 1 1/12 inch chibi girl with yellow dress to kind of incorporate Belle's (Beauty and the Beast) outfit. I then gave it a different flair by adding red ribbons. And for the hair, I made twisted curls for a nice textured finish.

Shot In the Dark Bears

Why shot in the dark you may ask? Its because I don't know how to make a bear. I didn't watch on youtube or anything so this is the result of my imagination. I just pictured some of my stuffed toy for this. Hubby said it looks cute so I guess I passed the test. LOL!

Kawaii Nail Polish

This is my take on acupofcaketv's tutorial! I love how she makes cute things. I'm making several more and will be blogging them. But for now, let's appreciate these cute little polishes. :)

I am planning to open an etsy shop to those who are interested in buying my polymer clay crafts. Jewelries and other handmade products will be posted as well. Comment below if you have a request for me to make! 

- Gift Princess


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