Polymer Chibis (Sweet Dreams and Violinist)

Sweet Dreams Chibi 

I made this awesome chibi because I saw a tutorial in youtube from CnJz96. I used a cloud and put faces on the stars to make them more cuter! The cloud also serves like a base and it's easier to bake that way.  I like the overall result of it and since it's my first time to make this, I was excited because it's different. 

Violinist Chibi

I have so many violinist friends so in honor, I made a sampler of my very first violinist chibi! Since I have a violin (that I left in Philippines), I then molded a rough shape out of my imagination. For the hair, I tried a different technique, a thick and curly hair that just looks like octopus tentacles. Overall, I'm very pleased! I felt a sense of accomplishment after I saw this. I'll just make the legs different next time.

I am planning to open an etsy shop to those who are interested in buying my polymer clay crafts. Jewelries and other handmade products will be posted as well. Comment below if you have a request for me to make! 

- Gift Princess


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