Fall 2013 Home Decor Trends I'm Obsessing About! (^^,)

Can you imagine an entire book on a single poster? Yup, its do-able. I'm recently drooling over this clever idea of a poster with the whole book imprinted in teeny tiny prints and it forms a silhouette of pretty much what its about. I have read most of the classic stories on these posters on Little Black Bag's new home decor section. Especially, Alice in Wonderland which pretty much sums up my whole childhood. Want to grab one or two? Head over to Little Black Bag now! :)

Ahhhh.. Fall. It's starting to get cooler now so why not a tabletop fireplace? This portable fireplace is one awesome invention. Works really well on a dinner date (as long as you are home or maybe even outside on the patio). And seriously? Maybe I could bring this wherever I go and wherever I am cold. Kidding aside, I wonder if this has the sound of wood crackling and popping. But if it doesn't, I would still love to have this. I could just stare at it all night!

This is a very elegant piece that I am obsessing about. It doesn't scream fall but it does for winter. It is priced at $250.00. A bit expensive but very stylish! Since me and my hubby are bookworms, we are starting to collect bookends for our precious books and maybe I could find one that look similar to this. 

- Gift Princess


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