Trying Out Polymer Clay Crafting {First Time}

So being as a craftlover, I decided to try out a new craft to master! Polymer clay crafting (a far cry from sculpting). 

Its because lately, I've been thinking about chibis, small figures with large eyes. I have been drawing them since I was young, seeing them in TV (Asian, yeah!) and I love some of the Japanese anime cartoons especially the 1990s one -- and they always posses those puppy dog eyes and vibrantly colored dresses and you name it! Everything awesome. 

So this week, I gave it a try after watching on youtube some tips and tricks and step by step. My first chibi is from the far right. I call her "Leaf Maiden", the second one "Mademoiselle Rouge" (I just love red hair!) and the third one, well let's say "Sweet Stranger". I will try to label and name each chibi as I can! 

I also made a list of chibis I am going to make in the future. Among them are: Scooby Doo characters, Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys, Little Prince Cedie (Lord Fauntleroy), Heidi Swiss Alps cartoon and many more.

- Gift Princess


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