Garnier Curl Styling Mousse Review

I've been obsessing about curls this week. Everyday I would work on my hair and mutter to myself, "Do CURLS, Gifty... Just go, go, go."  And that means adding more time to my makeup and hair time but it really helps when you have a curling wand that is efficient and Garnier mousse. Oh how I love that stuff!

Revlon headband

Hubby bought this as a birthday gift to me (Ontario Mills Mall) and I'm having so much fun using it.  It really gives me a whole day of curl because of its thin rod that makes the hair very curly.

It gives your hair a little cruch but not too much and after using the curling wand, it remained soft and easy to style! Two thumbs up for this one. This function like a whip cream bottle, just push the stick on top and out comes the fluffy foam of mousse. Apply it on hair and wait for seconds then twirl sections of hair onto the hot curling barrel. 

One thing I did is a high ponytail of curls! It gives volume to my limp hair and make it more interesting. Curling doesn't have to be labor intensive -- just use the right tools and you are good!

So that's it you guys! I will definitely be researching more awesome curling products!

- Gift Princess


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