Wizard Of Oz and Grand Canyon! :)

A lot of you folks are updated by my instagram of our travels and by now you know that we are already here in California, where we belong! So... I want to share some of my pictures along the way. We got the chance to stop by Liberal, KS where Dorothy's (Wizard of Oz) house was used by MGM corporation for the tornado scene. We then drove for 14 more hours and stopped at Flagstaff, AZ for the night and the next morning, we went to Grand Canyon! It was awesome to see God's creation, the wonderful big canyons and deep trenches. It was a fun travel for 2 days.

Also, I want to thank you guys for the patience, I will be back in the blogging mode soon! Its really hard to pack, unpack, drive and move! I was so busy and tired always. Alas! Let's look at the pictures shall we? :)

Found a lot of Dorothy statues and this is one of them near the museum.

Dorothy's house used in the tornado scene. Word is, MGM gave the original house back to Liberal, KS.

Massive buffalo head!

Different buildings catering for the movie.

And here are the pictures from Grand Canyon, AZ! :)

We passed by this cool shop and bought some souvenirs!

Indian decors

Took pictures with the creepy moving Indian statue just outside the store.

Here in Grand Canyon Visitor Center

Sliding? :) 

Illusion of falling

People hanging out over the edge.

Very deep

Expert hikers hanging out at the edge!

Breathtaking view. God is the wonderful Creator.

So that's our adventure whilst coming to California! I will get back soon in posting reviews and giveaways and will do my best even in my busy days. :) See you in the next post my lovely readers. :)

- Gift Princess


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