Uniformed Scrubs Review

 Are you constantly looking for affordable medical scrubs for your line of work? If you are then this post is for you. Check out Uniformed Scrubs wherein you can find a variety of nurse scrubs from different brands. Choose from different patterns and whatever makes you comfortable in our toxic line of work.

Here I am wearing a navy blue scrub top from Adar medical scrubs. I like the simplicity of this scrub and because this is a solid color, you can match it with any color. I paired it with a slightly lighter blue scrub pants and it still looks good. Very comfortable and from the color alone, anyone can note that you are working in the medical field. 

It has two pockets in front for things we need immediately and it's complete with a drawstring from the back to tighten the fit around the waist to your satisfaction. Personally, I prefer that in any kind of scrubs I own. 

I like this scrub and the fit (I chose medium). The fabric is not irritating and just right if ever it was cold inside a hospital/clinic. Plus the minimalistic design tops it all of for me!


There's even more good news! Uniformed scrubs has an offer right now! 15% off until September 30,2013. Just enter "scrubfashion" at checkout and discount will be applied on your order. Go to their website and browse a lot of discounted medical scrubs. Not only is everything is affordable, but you will get 15% off for all of your order. How cool is that?

And don't forget to check them out at Facebook, read their BLOG, follow them on Twitter: @UniformedScrubs, Google+ and Pinterest! :) 

- Gift Princess

Disclaimer: Product was sent to me but all opinions are 100% my own.


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