Ipsy Glambag August 2013 (Unboxing, Swatches and Clumsiness)

Hello there Ipsters and soon to be Ipsters. Here is my review of August 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag. As I said in the video, I didn't get to record the June and July Glam Bags for at that time they were shipped, they were shipped into my Iowa address while I am in California. But alas, I will be blogging about them later. First off, take a look at the August 2013 Ipsy Glam Bag by clicking on my video.

Back to school Ipsy bag! :)

I do like the dark violet bag with gold print. I just hope it won't come off when I wash it. But then again, I won't let it become dirty eh? :) 

There's a contest going on and those who will win can host a Benefit Lash Bash party for nine of their friends.

I love that it include a sample-sized lipstick because I have never tried them before. :)

Sadly, I cancelled my subscription for now for I have to focus my budget and time on other things. Don't get me wrong, its really affordable but its my own predicament to cancel it. Maybe next time I will continue again. Plus, I have so many stuff now and I want to use them all up before they expire (including the ones I shop for in stores). So, its sad to let go but its more happier if I think of the next time I will continue subscribing again! 

My next post will consist of the June and July Glam Bag so stay tuned. :)

- Gift Princess


silviabia said...

The bag is gorgeous *-*

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