Blue Bliss

Ah... Sunny California. This was very hot indeed when we went to Fontana Park. Oh I just love this park, very Victorian and just pretty! I feel like a kid and I could just stay here all day reading a book, walking, meeting new people. Ah... The endless possibilities.

The fountain is massive and with its relaxing sound you will be tempted to drop all kind of coins and make a lot of wishes. However, it was very hot that day so maybe next time! ;)

New York & Company white shirt
New York & Company skirt

This necklace was given by one of my best friend as a friendship necklace. The blue statement necklace coincide prettily with my blue skirt so this was a must for the outfit.

Moddeals shoes

The beige-y shoes is a cute ending to this outfit. Any nude piece will really match with tops and skirts plus it makes short legs longer! 

- Gift Princess


Majorie Zoleta said...

I love your shoes and necklace :> I followed you on GFC :) Please follow me as well ♥

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