Paradise Bakery is Heaven! Jollibee and I are reunited again! :)

Rarely do I put restaurant reviews on my blog -- just the ones I am highly impressed of like Paradise Pastry and Cafe in Glendale, California. Ptr. Hanson brought us here for this is their favorite bakery and I was so surprised at how perfect the cakes are. The Armenians did a wonderful job with each cake. Some of them are so delicate looking, I don't even want to eat them. Scroll for the pictures and be impressed!

This is what we ordered for lunch. :)

After that, we went to West Hollywood to see more sights and for Jollibee! At last, after a year, I get to eat Jollibee again. :) The Filipino crews were so friendly and took pics and videos of us. Pheobe and her dad enjoyed the meal as well. What a fun day! 

Here's the address for the Jollibee we were at:

3821 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles
(323) 906-8617

Here are some pics from our sight seeing in downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood. I was tired so I didn't go out. I was just inside the car taking pics. In the future, I will go out and blend with the crow and take pics in Hollywood! :)

- Gift Princess


Solarride Rivernik said...

OMG! Everything in Paradise Bakery looks like heaven!

Dhes Borja said...

wooow!..that was a blast!.

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