Father's Day 2013 OOTD

A lot of you know that I am currently here in CA and I didn't bring my wardrobe with me. Fortunately, my Tita is getting rid of her maxi to me so I wore it this Father's day. She got this in Bloomingdale's for an awful lot of price and I'm blessed to get it for free! 

The fabric is so soft and you can really tell that its expensive by the feel and stretch of it. It was a tad bit long for my height, so I wore wedges with them. I wore flats all day though, hehe. 

Chaps top | Aqua maxi | Olsenboye wedges

Tell me in the comments below if you like maxi dresses or if you also have an aunt who spoils you when it comes to fashion! 

- Gift Princess


Dhes Borja said...

Wow..looks great on you.. love your wedge shoes

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