Universal Studios 2013 & June's Birthday Giveaway Winner!

SO for the first day of summer we went to Universal Studios! It's my first time there and it was so fun. Both me and hubby are movie geeks so we were psyched to go see some studios where actors and actresses film. George Clooney was even there! So here are some photos of that day. As usual, all of them are on my FB. And when you scroll down the page, you will see the winners chosen for my June Birthday giveaway. 

Congrats to my winners! I have sent you emails and you have 48 hrs. to respond. Thanks again for commenting and liking and such. Tune in for the next giveaway. And also don't forget to comment below if you have been to Universal Studios too. :)

- Gift Princess

Paradise Bakery is Heaven! Jollibee and I are reunited again! :)

Rarely do I put restaurant reviews on my blog -- just the ones I am highly impressed of like Paradise Pastry and Cafe in Glendale, California. Ptr. Hanson brought us here for this is their favorite bakery and I was so surprised at how perfect the cakes are. The Armenians did a wonderful job with each cake. Some of them are so delicate looking, I don't even want to eat them. Scroll for the pictures and be impressed!

This is what we ordered for lunch. :)

After that, we went to West Hollywood to see more sights and for Jollibee! At last, after a year, I get to eat Jollibee again. :) The Filipino crews were so friendly and took pics and videos of us. Pheobe and her dad enjoyed the meal as well. What a fun day! 

Here's the address for the Jollibee we were at:

3821 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles
(323) 906-8617

Here are some pics from our sight seeing in downtown Los Angeles and West Hollywood. I was tired so I didn't go out. I was just inside the car taking pics. In the future, I will go out and blend with the crow and take pics in Hollywood! :)

- Gift Princess

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