Stud Project Series #1: Denim Jacket

I'm starting a small series of project wherein I use one unique item and apply it to different things which in this case are studs! 

Studs can make anything pop out, unique and sometimes evoke punk style or just feminine. Honestly, its not punk for me because it depends on how you design it and how big the studs you use. The more studs you put the more goth or punk it will become. The less, the more feminine and minimalist. So it all depends on the size, quantity and et cetera. 

I'm using a 12mm pyramid stud in this series. You can use whatever shape you want. Personally, I find the pyramid stud the most versatile because I have a tendency for angled thingies. Circular studs are just as cute but for me, they just remind me of an M&M helplessly stuck. :) PEACE! I love M&Ms!

We were at Book Cellar when this happened. I'm wearing jeans because its soooooo cold! I just wanted SPRING/SUMMER at this time. Very excited to wear skirts and dresses!

Willi Smith jacket|Macy's earrings|Amiclubwear fringe boots|Fade To Blue Jeans

- Gift Princess


Underdarkshadow said...

Hi :) I like your idea of studding the denim jacket into your collar and pockets. It was a very nice combination with jeans and boots! You look great!

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