Out For Ice Cream + Gwiyomi Video

Hello there lovely dumplings! It was a little bit chilly Tuesday but still the weather is Spring-wise so off I go with my new scarf that I bought from the thrift shop! Thought I dress up a little bit for my ice cream with my hubby. I'm starting on a diet and exercise expedition, and let's hope soon I shed some weight (I eat ice cream only once in a while :P). I blame the winter for that (can't get outside to exercise). 

Anyway, this is the same outfit for my so called "Gwiyomi Attempts 1 2 3 4" video. That song was stuck in our heads like crazy and thought I could do a silly version of mine haha.

Thrifted bolero
Bobbie Brooke top
Apt. 9 skirt
Chaps bag

Liz Claiborne square scarf (I made a bow style)

Goody headband

(old) Guess wedges

Yay, ice cream! 

- Gift Princess


Dhes Borja said...

Oh I love how you tied your scarf. Its hue is very lively too!

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