NOTW: Maybelline Coral Crush & Essie Polishes

Alas, Spring has sprung! Brighter and warmer days are here. Oh how my heart is singing with joy. Finally my pictures will be brighter and will be taken outside. Promise. Thank you sun for shining your rays to us. Oh what a wonderful wonderful season Spring is.

For my left hand, I have Maybelline Coral Crush!

Below L-R: Essie Limo-scene, Essie Sugar Daddy, Essie Marathin

For my right hand, I played it up a little bit by making it an ombre effect. :) My hands are very short at this time for I am doing a lot of cleaning.... SPRING cleaning! Gotta clean the mess Winter has made and let the house breathe. Plus, doing some makeovers and just DIY-ing everything into a bright color palette.

I will be busy for the few weeks or so (packing, organizing). Most of you know that we will be moving eventually to CA. We don't have a target date yet but it can't hurt to organize right? :) Congrats to the JUNIEblake winners again, Eulali and Sylvia.

Don't forget to enter the two current giveaways my lovely dumplings! 2 Handmade earrings and April's skincare giveaway! :)

- Gift Princess


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