Monday Mail 5/6/13 (Bracelet Themed)

I don't sign up as much as I can online anymore so its still fun to receive every now and then things I can't even remember I signed up for! And also in this series I post my contest winnings. :) 

First of is my contest winning from Project Inspired's Nicole Weider. She is a Christian like me and she's an ex-Hollywood model turned believer and leader. Go check her out, she's awesome. I participated for the first time in her live chat every Friday and I won! :) She even gave me encouraging words with her picture and her website's notepad. AWESOME!

Free bracelets from U by Kotex. I can't remember when I signed and I'm sure that was weeks ago. When I saw this together with my contest prize, I was like, its a "Bracelet" themed Monday mail!

If you want to receive free samples like I do, you have to be following a lot of companies & bloggers. Believe me, sometimes its confusing but... Its rewarding when you get unexpected stuffs. 

- Gift Princess


Dhes Borja said...

Wow that's feels great knowing there are people like her..only God can change someone..Amen on that!

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