1st Anniversary Trip To Omaha! (^^,)

I have been busy celebrating with hubby last weekend, and today I bring you some pics from our trip! I uploaded all of them at my personal Facebook because there is too much of them. We also had some vids in my youtube channel. It has been wonderful touring Omaha, although for Saturday, we got stuck in the mall because you know, I'm a girl and girls turns out to be shopping lovers. Haha! :)

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium

The Lied Jungle - Asian Rainforest is our first stop! I was so amazed at all the creatures we found here that it instantly found spot in my heart and it is my 1st favorite place here in the zoo. They even have the Philippine crocodile! :D

Grewcock Butterfly & Insect Pavilion - Butterflies just fly right above you! But be careful, you might end up killing them so watch thy step! The insects on the other section is pretty creepy and interesting!

There was this peacock just walking around the Cat Complex without a care in the world. Isn't he a beauty? :)

More Madagascar friends at the Hubbard Gorilla Valley!

Cat Complex -  We are in love with these cats! They look scary but so gentle. The highlight of the section are the lion cubs!

Hubbard Gorilla Valley - This guy right here is smart, he poses for everyone who takes pics and he hungs out near the window! What a show off! :D

Hubbard Orangutan Forest - Many more types of monkeys could be seen here!

Simmons Aviary & Swan Valley - Love the flamingos and the swans!!!!!!

Giraffes and African penguins hung out in this sunny side of the zoo! :D

And here we come to....

Scott Aquarium - This is newly renovated and here you will see we took shots of not every living creature (so many) but we tried. Its an amazing building! This is my 2nd fave part of the zoo!

Here is the VLOG for all of what you have seen.

And now that we are tired, let's head to the hotel!

Hilton Garden Inn

There are two Hilton Garden Inn in Omaha but we stayed at the the downtown one near the Old Market area. 

Here is the room tour, hotel stuff and mall vlog! We went to Westroads mall and we spent the whole afternoon there. 

- Gift Princess


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