Winter Lippies I Love

Winter chapped lips. The last thing I needed on earth is taking a toll on me. :) Follow me as I tell you the my top and favorite choices for chapped and dry lips. 

  1. 3LAB Perfect Lips (0.33oz.) Price:$40.00

What it is:
An intensive hydrating treatment for dry, dehydrated lips. 

What it's used for:
3LAB Perfect Lips bathes your lips in moisture for the ultimate nourishing, hydrating treatment. Sunflower, lavender and orange oils combine with jojoba esters and vitamin E to soften and smooth lips, whisking away dry, flaky areas. Age-fighting peptides promote younger-looking lips with less visible fine lines and wrinkles. As a result your lips look plump, supple and full.

This is definitely a keeper. I have dry supper chappy lips that sometimes I peel my skin off (don't do it, its a bad habit). So I was like wondering if there's really something that could magically transform it. Enter 3LAB, and my world was never the same again. I know its pricey but I am fortunate to have one to cherish forever (wait, what? of course it won't last forever, I love using it duuuuhh). 

Just like a hydrating lotion, it hydrates and surprisingly erases wrinkles and make my lips appear supple and just amazing. Hence, perfect lips. I really do think the price is worth it. I know I have been buying drugstore brands ever since but its nice to have a couple of high ends to compare with and to use for special occasions, just because. My motto is never to deprive myself from a "little" luxury. 

Also, I use my 3LAB Perfect lips on top of any lip stains. Of course, we know that lip stains doesn't provide the much needed moisture we need, right? But for the first time, I applied it on my bare lips. You can do it either way since I like it because it really lives up to its claim. :)

    2. Luminess Lip Exfoliator

I have this lip exfoliator for a couple of years now and its still working its magic. I don't know if its just me but I can't find this in Luminess' website anymore. This is a lip scrub a.k.a. "dry-lips-be-gone-and-be-smooth" stick. It is a lipstick but you see it has those lip scrubbers packed inside the mold that everytime you apply it onto lips, it will give you good scrubbing. The more you apply, the more scrubbing there is. But I am kind of bothered because all the rough particles just remain in the stick and it looks gross at some point (they accumulate and won't move) so I have to really press it into my lips (if you understand what I mean). That's the disadvantage.

Like a body scrub, I apply this then I use my clean fingers for a more pressured rub. Then wiping my lips with tissue for the last step. This process gives me a smooth surface to apply my fave lip balm (for moisture) & lipstick (for color) after. It won't give you a 100% moisture but its a good first step in creating a smooth canvass for a lip balm and I love it that way. :)

        Price: $10.50

What it is:
An antioxidant-rich lip treatment that smoothes and moisturizes the lips.

What it's used for:
NuCelle Vitamin E Stick is part lip balm and part lipstick, as it covers your lips in a clear coat of nourishing vitamins and minerals that smooth and soften the lips. Vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant, protects the lips against environmental elements and even provides mild protection against UV sun rays. Used at night, this formula revives the lips. Used during the day, it softens the lips and is ideal for use under makeup.

I don't get out much and there's not much sun anyway (dreary winter) but I still need me some Vit. E! Therefore I'm loving my NuCelle Vitamin E Stick! This one is different for it leaves me a silky feel before I apply lipstick. It also helps because I have some lipstick with no moisture at all. :) This acts like a primer and moisturizer both. This is definitely a keeper especially because it has the Leaping Bunny approval stamp therefore it is natural and organic. Need I say more? :)

There you go, my winter la-la-love lippies. How do you deal with winter dry lips? Tell me in the comments below! :)

- Gift Princess


Natasha Hoover said...

I need to pass this on to my sister. She has been battling some serious winter chapped lips this year!

Stefanie said...

Thanks for sharing. I feel like my lips are so chapped this winter, it's driving me crazy.

Dhes Borja said...

Oh how I love that 3lab! I have chappy lips and I'd like to have that too, I always tend to chap off my skin whereas I'm not aware that my lips were bleeding lol

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