Spring Broke: Marissa Statement Necklace (^^,)

Since I can't have every trend that screams Spring 2013, I just decided to make a statement necklace, which is one of the staples of Spring 2013. I was experimenting too so I didn't use pastels. Instead I used gold, so it can be worn with different outfits. 

This is a "Gift Princess original design". I just had inspirations from looking at various photos from different shopping websites then I conjured up my own design. This was tedious though for I have to use eyepins then open the ends to join a chain. I haven't found a technique yet to make myself comfortable but its a start. Took me days to finish this because I have to put every bead into each own eyepin before I can start the connecting process. The first layer has 50 Czech glass beads (as you can see in the photo), then 2nd layer has 40 and I decided to stop and just added dangling chains instead. I was happy with it! At first I wanted to make three layers but its really time consuming plus I don't want it so long. If it can cover my neck frame, then I'm happy with it!

If you decided to make this please share a photo on instagram and hashtag #giftdiy or email me. You can share these photos as long as you link back to me.

I've started making DIY videos/posts, if want to check them out, refer to the list below:

And there will be many more! Don't forget to join my beauty giveaway too: http://giftprincess.blogspot.com/2013/03/march-beauty-giveaway.html

- Gift Princess


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