DIY Peter Pan Collar Necklace

Peter Pan collars are here to stay! I've been curious enough to make some and finally I did and I enjoyed making them. I started learning them from watching various of videos in YouTube. So here I will relay the simple steps.

Disclaimer: I got the pattern from and missglamorazzi's diy video. I like giving credit where its due. :)

1. I used a soft felt here so I pinned it and cut two pieces.

2. Glue both together and glue cut ribbon at back. Make sure you give a lot of room for the ribbon for tying a knot at back. :)

And that's pretty much it with my pink and blue collar for I will just design on top of it. :) I talked about the design on my video below.

Here are some pics of the pink one! :) Shirt by Willi Smith, geometric bracelet by Vanity & earrings from Wal-mart. :)

And for the blue one. Shirt by Liz Claiborne, nails by Sally Hansen Himalayan Blue.

And as usual, I will be posting OOTD pics in the following blogposts and other Peter Pan Collars I made. Ciao. Tell me how yours turned out. 

 - Gift Princess

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