DIY: Feather Clutch

I got my inspiration from Angela of runwaydonemyway's of an ostrich feather purse. I decided to try out for myself a more cheaper one and just for the sake of trying it out before I do the ostrich feathers. My total cost was only $7.90 because I already have some of the  other materials such as the scissors, alcohol, cotton balls, etc. :) Next time, I will be making the ostrich feather purse! So watch for it. :)

What you will need:
1. Clutch (I got mine for $0.25 in a thrift store. You can use your old clutch/purse)
2. Feathers (Mine is from Wal-mart in the kid's craft section)
3. Embellishment (Ribbons, lace trim, rhinestones, metal applique & just about anything under the sun! :) )
4. Craft glue/Hot glue gun (I used Tacky glue, only $0.97)
5. Scissors
6. Optional: Alcohol or acetone (For cleaning the surface of the bag we are gonna work on)

1. Pre-wash the inside of the fabric. You gotta do this now or else it will be difficult once the feathers are all in. And yes I like everything clean before I start.
2.  Optional: Cut the sewed brand tag inside. Its just my own preference, you can leave yours there.
3. Lightly wipe the surface of bag with alcohol or acetone.
4. Lay out your design. (I forgot number 4 in the video. :P)
5. I started gluing my embellishment first since I am just using sequined ribbons. If you are using appliques, do it later after all the feathers are glued.
6. Use glue liberally then lay measured ribbon. Apply a little bit of pressure.
7.  Start gluing feathers from bottom to top. Apply glue liberally as well.
8. Fill in gaps with feathers as needed. If you want it fluffier, then add more.
9. Cover the quills of the feathers with the sequined ribbon.
10. Dry overnight and add a little bit more feathers like I did. LOL! 
11. Trim edges if you like. I kept mine simple and untrimmed.
12. Carry and style it!

Tell me how yours turned out by commenting below or tweeting me @giftrprincess or instagram it with the hashtag #giftdiy. 

- Gift Princess

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