Curls with Vidal Sassoon Sure Grip Rollers

Thursday was a curly kind of day and I have been posting pics on my instagram of the before and after. Now I reveal the photos & instructions I did for that day.

So here is my Vidal Sassoon Sure Grip Roller set. 

Here's what I did:
1. While hair is still damp (from shower or water spray bottle) apply some shaping lotion. I used Enjoy Shaping lotion for mine.
2. Take small sections of hair then choose the size you want your curls to be. I used small for my front hair and big ones for the back.
3. Roll inwardly into damp hair then clip. You may roll it up to the root (for more volume) but I didn't because I just want the curls in the middle & down to the end.

4. Blow dry or wait until it dries off. I did the latter since my hair is stubbornly straight. The first time my friends blow dried it, it didn't work. So at this point it depends on how well your hair can curl the best at either way.
5. Release and voila! Bouncy curls at its best. 
6. Apply serum while separating & lightly comb. I used my GK Hair Taming serum.

- Gift Princess


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