BH Cosmetics Blush and Brush

This is a quickie review of how I love my BH Cosmetics first purchase. Actually, with all the many sales and deals they have, I don't really know which one to go for while staying  with my budget. Last Valentine's they had a deal for only $18 for both the 12pcs Berry Brush set and the 10 Color Blush Palette. With the shipping added, it only cost me $25.

I recommend subscribing to BH Cosmetics because they send deals almost everyday. The deals are awesome especially when it comes to brushes and palettes. I for one just wants everything on one place so the blush palette was a good deal for me. Now I don't have to buy a lot of blush! Their blushes are well pigmented. You can use everything there for artsy makeup or soft neutral looks.

Their brushes are soft too with minimal shedding. Plus it comes with a neat clutch perfect for me when I travel. :) You will see the brushes on my makeup videos because I absolutely love using them.

 So yes, I'm gonna watch for another great deal. Maybe eyeshadow palette plus lip palette! So looking forward for that. :)

- Gift Princess


Dhes Borja said...

Wow Gift! I've found all your blogs very much helpful and interesting. From DIY's, skin care, girly staff etc..You always put everything budgeted lol maybe that's how we can really relate a lot haha..Keep bloggin girl!

Rakhshan said...

i really love this blush palette, would love to see you swatch it:)

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