You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do: Organizing In A Small Space

Just want to show you my readers how I organized my hats and scarves in such a small space. Our closet is full of clothes that it is too impossible to buy a scarf hanger and insert it there with our clothing. So its a no-no. I saw that we have space behind the door so I conjured up a plan form seeing thousands of DIY home organization online. I pictured in my mind that I wanted to display my hats so the simplest idea I came up with is to buy clear pushpins from Wal-mart. Push, pin, hang. Three simple steps. :)

For the scarves, I thought of finding a wooden board with hooks or to DIY one but I changed my mind. I am so glad I did because I snagged these metalworks from Hobby Lobby from a sale. It works perfectly for my new plan, to just hang them on the bar. On the left side are the thick chunky scarves and I used European knot to loop them through the bar. One thing I did is buy those clear shower hooks (right side of picture) so I can save more space and I used it for the short silky ones because they easily slide through the plastic. 

I hope you learned something new from this post. When we move to California, I will film some DIY home improvement including this. And be sure to let me know how you organize yours in the comment below.

- Gift Princess


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