Wedding Savior.. and any other occasions LOL (^^,)

 If you are tired of having greasy makeup after couple of hours or so then don't worry. Help is on the way! Here are two of my trusty friends that help me glow all through the day! (^^,)

I used Urban Decay All Nighter during my wedding and it lasted for the whole day. Literally, my makeup was vacuum packed when I used this for my wedding day. From day to night to our honeymoon, I have never retouched and when I looked at my pics, I still look glamorous. This is a must have for me whenever I am out all the day.

I love the fact that they are both hypoallergenic too. Since I have dry skin, Skindinavia worked fine though this is more recommended for the oily skinned lovely women. I use this during summer because Mr. Sun makes me oily and I can tell that after a scorching day, I still look fab without touch ups. Maybe a little lipstick only. LOL!

Have you tried these yet? Tell me more in the comments!

- Gift Princess


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