Raw Natural Beauty RAW Color Brushes review :)

Let's talk brushes! If you're skin is like mine, sensitive and dry and picky, you might want to invest in quality brushes. But because there are so many brands & reviews out there (even me, I get so confused!), I had to take it one day at a time. That's why I was happy when I had the opportunity to buy some Raw Natural Beauty RAW Color brushes  at Dermstore

Just by the pictures of it in their site, I knew it will be worth it to purchase them. When I finally got them and used them, it was as I expected. Read on dumplings! :)

1. RAW Natural Beauty Concealer brush

The feather-soft bristles of this brush are specially designed to hold more pigment, allowing you to brush away flaws with a single application. Custom-designed, tapered brush head is perfect for precise spot-covering and effortless, complete coverage of blemishes, broken capillaries, scars, acne, age spots and freckles. 

Retail Price ($20.00)

I am not a concealer girl. Most of the times I forget and sometimes I remember. So this brush is a quick fix for a forgetful lady like me. Its soft bristles are perfect for blending away concealers. This brush is skinny & small but it works perfectly compared to bulky concealer brushes. Plus their handles are just the right size for gripping, not too thin or large. It has no scent at all (which would bother me a lot). 

2. RAW Natural Beauty Maximum Coverage Foundation Brush

The secret for flawless application, this professional-quality brush is specially designed to pick up and distribute the perfect amount of RAWMinerals Foundation for soft, even application in seconds. The cashmere-like, high density bristles “grab” minerals and sweep them evenly over your skin, leaving you with flawless coverage.

Retail Price ($35.00)

This brush is perfect for my liquid foundation application. I love the soft bristles and there's no shedding, very awesome quality. I tend to use more brush than fingers when it comes to my base makeup and this one hits the target. I love it and I cherish it! :)

3. RAW Natural Beauty Multi-Tasking Retractable Brush

Imagine — all the benefits of a full-sized makeup brush in a retractable design you can tuck away and take with you for touch-ups on-the-go. Use the flat side for quick coverage of your cheeks, chin and neck, then switch to the tapered tip for areas that require precise coverage, such as the corners of the eyes and mouth. 

(Retail Price: $15.00)

From RAW Natural Beauty's description alone, this brush can either be used for cheeks, whole face, neck and eyes. Because its retractable, you can adjust the size when it comes to application. I love this and I always bring it with me in my travel bag. Very handy at all times!

Comment below and tell me about your favorite brushes!

- Gift Princess


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