I Truly Enjoy My Enjoy Haircare Products!!! (^^,)

No pun intended but I am sure as the shining sun to enjoy it! Here's a quick review of why I love them.

Okay, first off this is my handy hair serum that I apply after my hair dried up. I think its nifty because when my hair is dry, it feels very smooth and manageable. No kidding! I know my hair is very fine and straight but this kicks in volume for my locks.

Enjoy Shine and Smooth lives up to its promises. I guarantee that whoever you are, if you are reading this, your hair will love it when you use it. ENJOY!

This stuff rocks. I usually apply these then curl my hair and sleep on it overnight. My hair doesn't feel stiff or fake but just naturally bouncy. My hubby loved it when I always curl my hair and he would play with my hair and it won't get messed up unlike with hairsprays.

Enjoy Shaping Lotion would bring any lifeless fine and straight hair like mine to a fabulous level. Try it and see for yourself. :)

Now time for selfie pictures & evidence of enjoyment. I used a bohemian headband method and since my hair is very long, they were very curly!!! Here is the video of it from Trade Secrets!

Ducklips :P

Modified duck lips? Just being silly!

Enjoy curling and enjoy enjoying your Enjoy hair care products!!!!

- Gift Princess


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