HAUL: Nails, Lippies and Hair Stuff

I am so glad I live near to a store that offer lots of deals on branded products. I am so excited to post NOTDs, lookbooks and some reviews for the following days. I'll give a brief breeze of what I got so here we go.... :D

I also got some moustache rings. They're kinda in the back, can you see it? :)

Hair stuff I bought are Vidal Sassoon curlers, John Frieda hairbrush and Scünci headband. :)

And more nail polish of course! :) I bought more spring colors, just to divert me from my cabin fever. :) 

L-R: Sally Hansen, Maybelline, Milani and Confetti. Will post more swatches in future NOTDs. :)

And more Essie babies to add to my collection. :)

I was thinking about lip stains, so I'm going to give myself a try of these lippies from NYC!

Hmmmm... Thinking of giving these away! Revlon lip colors are fun for a simplified natural look. :)

Lastly, I need more moisture. Still winter dry here! We just had a snowstorm yesterday so this is a must. :)

- Gift Princess


Marilena Kat said...


Teresa Koedyker said...

Thank you for sharing all the awesome stuff!!

Dhes Borja said...

I super lurve the Scünci headband. :)
and Maybelline mint nail polish! perfect!

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