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INDOORS :) Before going out.

Anyone who knows me knows I love reading books esp. in libraries (if you didn't then now you know). Its very comforting and relaxing. So yesterday was a normal Saturday a.k.a lazy day and we don't have anything to do except lounge in a bookstore somewhere.

I decided to do what I saw in youtube about making a scarf vest, so here you see the results of my chunky brown scarf. I wanted to cover more of my torso esp. the front because my shirt is kinda short. I think it's better to use a silky thin scarf but I don't have one. I'm starting to regret what I did but please bear with me. I'm too lazy to change anyway LOL!!!! (^^,)

I crocheted my Tezzie Hat!

And since I am channeling blue, I decided to wear my newly crocheted Tezzie hat! I will put the pattern on a seperate blog post. And more closeup of the design so watch for it dumplings!

Never mind the cold sore!

And of course, blue eyeshadows!!!!!! Since its a lazy day and I would love to play with eyeshadows, I used my LA Colors palette. Its cheap and you don't have any guilt when playing with it. :)

Now time for me to get silly in the library. Hubby is a great photographer.

Okay enough about me and my vanity! :P Here's pictures with my man. We took pics while he's busy blogging. He's becoming obsessed with it. BTW, his blog is just new! Check him out at and subscribe if you must!


Earrings and necklace: INPINK Jewelry
Scarf: Bought it at a boutique at Clay County Fair
Belt: Thrift shop find!
Shirt: White Stag (Wal-Mart)

Using basic pieces and playing with them is fun!

- Gift Princess


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