My Current Awesome Toner: Clairvoyant Beauty Lavender & Sea Minerals Toner

When you have a dry of the driest skin like me especially when your residence moves from tropical hot to chilly winter, either way, its the worst possible situation my skin has to face. I had to always keep in mind my daily routine, cleanse, tone and moisturize. 

Today, I show you my best kept secret for a smooth , refreshed & supple skin, Clairvoyant Beauty Lavender & Sea Minerals Toner. I won this from Mal Pearson's contest a while ago so if you look at the website, they changed the packaging & such so don't be surprised.

They have their Hero Ingredients (which is the fact why I love this toner more):  Sea Minerals: Blue Green Algae, Kelp, and Dead Sea Salts aid in cell repair, and collagen formation. 

I love how my skin feel like baby smooth skin after I use this like I don't need any moisturizer at all! But... don't forget to moisturize!

I conclude that I will buy this again because overall, it is effective, easy to use and lightweight!

- Gift Princess


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