Gift In Action: Crochet Darling Shell Cap

I have a new favorite! This pattern is lovely (aside from the red hehe). This was the hat I made the latest from last week and I was just stunned during the project as I create the shells. Not only is this comfortable but its so strikingly pretty. I am so obsessed with it. Kudos to Teresa of Crochet Geek for giving a wonderful and easy tutorial.

As usual, you can freely use any color of yarn and experiment. I used a bright cherry red to cheer me up during these wintry days ahead. I will update you more when I make more of these. In the meantime, tweet or instagram me your hat by tagging my name @giftprincess in your tweet or hashtag #giftprincess. Either way will work and enjoy!

Stay warm and healthy! Smile!

- Gift Princess


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