Auric Blends Egyptian Goddess solid perfume :)

I received the Egyptian Goddess solid perfume as a contest prize and since then I am hooked! Its actually a musk but who am I to say? I am not an expert in perfumes, just a lover. :)

When I like something, I just like it and love it and wear it everyday, end of story. :) But let me tell you a little bit about this one.

First off, I like the packaging where it is housed. The Hershey shaped window looks awesome and inside you can see the case of the solid perfume. At first, I thought it was a coconut. Believe me, I've seen way to many coconut in my entire life. Try growing up in Philippines!

Our top selling fragrance, Egyptian Goddess, combines soft florals, light powder and musk to create a perfume that is seductive, feminine and enticing.
Just ask the millions of customers who can't live without it.
Launched in August of 1993, this lovely perfume has been weaving tales of passion and infatuation for over 14 years. If you're not familiar with our best selling perfume and haven't yet been captivated by it's allure, don't wait any longer. With a distinctive collection of select products, you can experience Egyptian Goddess while you bathe, during a candle-lit dinner and as a wonderful perfume.

Smell is very light and sweet and lingers on all day. My hubby noticed it the first time and he  told me to always wear it since he likes it too. :D

So tell me dumplings, what perfume are you wearing now and why do you love it? Comment below!

- Gift Princess


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