My First Shoedazzle Purchase! (^^,)

Hi guys! Holidays are (very) busy and I still have a lot more to blog nowadays. Not to mention my nursing review where it keeps me busy everyday so the chance of blogging everyday became like every 2 weeks. But don't worry chums, I'll try to schedule it like at least once a week to get rid of my backlogs and new blogs to appear. Seems like getting married slowed everything down in my life! LOL!

As all of you know, especially online shoppers and bloggers, there's a lot of monthly subscription packages out there that delivers to your house like Birchbox, Beauty Army and such. I am okay with that, but the frugal side of me doesn't want to collect a lot per month when my money could be spent somewhere else. I'm more of a one-time try mademoiselle. And I'd like to invest more in fashion and style rather than beauty stuff that turns out to be just small quantities or samples (I read reviews of them). 

So, I get to tried Shoedazzle which has been making me curious the first time I laid my eyes on it. Every shoe is 39.95, except some boots which cost a little like 42.95. You can go and see for yourself. Not only that, they have pretty accessories ranging from rings to hats and scarves. And when Black Friday came this year, I get to try it. That's my frugal system! I shopped on the 60% off shoes and got me just 2 shoes. It came a little late but it was worth it. Here are the pictures!

I chose Worldly (red boots) and Ann (black pumps with gold tip). I was thrilled to see the pink box that doesn't open at the top but slides on the side. That is so much easier than the classic shoe box. Also, Anna shoe came in with a pink shoebag for proctection. All in all it only around $26 and shipping is already include. How awesome is that!

Will I purchase again? Of course I will! I am a shoe person and I love their designs there! :D

God bless
- Gift Princess


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