Whenever I feel lazy washing my face...

We all had those nights coming home from a busy day and just tired and wanna hit the sack. You look at the mirror and you're still wearing your long lasting makeup that turned to icky splotches. You don't wanna play with water and do long rituals so you instead look for these miracle babies for help. And they all make things easy and in a matter of minutes you find yourself in your comfortable bed.

That story happens to me a lot more than I can imagine so thanks to these towelettes they save me an awful lot of time and more sleeping, hah! Yes To Cucumber towelettes are smooth towelettes that do remove makeup and clean at the same time. Specific Beauty towelettes has textured beads on one side for exfoliating, cleansing and removing makeup. I like both and they do a good job. Still nothing beats a good facial wash, these are just alternatives. 

What are your favorite cleansing towelettes? Share it in the comment section below.

- Gift Princess


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