Nails of the week: Lone Purple Stripe

I call this "Lone Purple Stripe" because its simple, just one line of purple on each nail which is great for minimalist like me. Sometimes, I like it as simple as this and sometimes I am just lazy (partly true with all the housework I do). 

I used Orly Honeymoon Style and Orly Bubbly Bombshell! Just remember, sparkle never fails you. I love sparkly nailies so much I always make sure I buy them more than plain ones.

And I just wanted to show you guys some of the Orly polish I picked up from the bargain store for only a dollar. Great deals like this shouldn't be ignored and I promise myself I'm gonna hoard more in the future. Imagine, only a dollar! Why spend $8 more at a dept. store right? But that's just me being frugal. :)

- Gift Princess


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