Just Another Stylin' Sunday

Hiya folks! These are some of the dresses I have been sporting on Sundays here in USA since the day I got here but I don't have pics of the first ones. But I managed to take pics of the most recent ones to blog about it and share to my family. Some of the dresses were old ones that I use in Phil. and some I found at Goodwill store. Don't you just love thrifting? I do! I do! 

You know the feeling of having favorite dresses and dreading to leave them behind right? Well, I have lots of that. I can't seem to leave my old favorite ones. The dresses that helped me feel confident and shining & because I love their style and will wear it over and over again! Nuff said, let's move on and enjoy the pics readers! (^^,)

dress: Hot & Delicious
blazer: Landmark 
necklace: handmade by me
shoes: Franco Sarto
watch: Fossil

dress: Papaya
laced shirt: i.t.b. petite (bought from Goodwill)
belt: bought it at California, I forgot the store!
peacock earrings: Aldo

dress: Vera Wang
blazer: Landmark
shoes: Gibi
earrings: Walmart
bag: Kenneth Cole

dress: Genevieve Gozum
blazer: Nine West
sparkly watch: I don't know
shoes: March Fisher

- Gift Princess

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